Laura Akehurst

Hello. Thank you for taking time to look at my website to find out more about me and more importantly how I can help you.

I have been a Registered Nurse for over 30yrs, having worked in general nursing, midwifery and elderly care with a wealth of experience and understanding of medical conditions. One thing I have learnt over the years in my professional and personal life is that everyone no matter who they are, all experience times in their life where they need help.

 I'm passionate that the people I see  are put at ease and know that they are being seen in a confidential, non judgemental environment. 

A few years back I wanted to do something on my own terms, as I felt I had more to offer, but was unsure which direction to take, as my whole career had been about helping people and I wanted to put my experiences and skills to good use. It was then that I decided to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the British School of Applied Psychology based at Canterbury Christ University.

Now, I had come from a very medical, analytical background and commenced the training knowing I would look at it critically and have to be convinced of the results before continuing with such a therapy.

 I myself, could not believe that it worked as well as it was being claimed. It was only with time and evidence that I saw for myself, that I knew that Hypnotherapy does work and realised that it really can help people in so many ways.

I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2015 and prior to that as a Reflexologist in 2005

I am married , have a son and daughter and love craft work as my stress relieving past time.

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