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What Is Hypnotherapy

Imagine your brain being like an iceberg! Your conscious mind is what we are aware of during our day to day lives. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg in relation to our minds. 

With an iceberg, we don't really focus on what is underneath the water. Our subconscious mind, is by far the largest most powerful part . It keeps our bodies functioning without us having to do anything. It also stores everything that we have learned, experienced or felt. 

However, it doesn't always get things right when trying to help us live our lives.

Hypnotherapy allows you to connect with your subconscious  whilst being in a very relaxed state allowing you to explore ways to change that area in your life you want to change.

What is Reflexology

This is an ancient therapy going back to Egyptian times, with its roots in Asia. It works on the principle that the soles of the feet map the body and applying pressure on specific areas of the feet has a therapeutic effect  on that part of the body. 

Clinical studies have shown that  Reflexology helps to improve or relieve symptoms in a number of conditions and is very beneficial in the  treatment of stress and condition relating to stress.

So Hypnoflex is ….

In some conditions, the combination of Hypnotherapy and reflexology work very well in treating a person through mind and body.

It is not necessary to combine both therapies all the time.

Some conditions only need treatment with Hypnotherapy and would not benefit from Reflexology .

In the same way that someone may only wish to have reflexology for symptom relief as may not feel they want to undergo Hypnotherapy. Treatment plans are very much person centred to an individuals needs and wishes.